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Airtel Launches 5G Services in Nigeria

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Airtel Nigeria has officially launched its 5G network services in Nigeria, starting with Lagos, Ogun, Rivers State, and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The company aims to make life easier for Nigerians by implementing strategies to ensure widespread availability of the services across the entire country.

CEO of Airtel Nigeria, Mr. Carl Cruz, believes that 5G will revolutionize the way things are done, making life simpler, easier, and more interesting for people in Nigeria. He emphasized that 5G is an entirely new experience that opens up endless possibilities. With 5G, users can enjoy seamless video playback with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) even while using their own browser.

Cruz stated that 5G will empower creative individuals and entrepreneurs in various fields such as healthcare, fashion, retail, communications, and media. It presents a new era of collaboration and economic benefits for this generation. The CEO expressed his gratitude to partners like Samsung for their support and acknowledged the leadership of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for their insistence on making Nigeria a digital communication vanguard.

Airtel’s Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Femi Oshinlaja, highlighted the company’s commitment to democratizing access to 5G by offering affordable options to Nigerians. Airtel aims to make 5G accessible to a wide range of users by providing affordable routers in Nigeria.

Airtel’s entry into the 5G market comes after the NCC auctioned the first set of 5G spectrum licenses in December 2021. Airtel had initially dropped out of the bidding, allowing an underdog, MAFAB, to acquire one of the licenses alongside MTN. However, when the NCC announced the availability of the remaining lot in the 3.5GHz spectrum, Airtel seized the opportunity and emerged as the sole bidder, investing $316.7 million to secure the license.

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Industry experts have praised Airtel’s swift rollout of 5G services, considering its strong presence in the African telecom business since 2001. Engr Dubem Solomon expressed satisfaction with Airtel’s entry into the 5G market, highlighting the need for competition and the widespread availability of 5G services in Nigeria.

With the launch of Airtel’s 5G services, Nigerians can now experience the benefits of high-speed connectivity and explore new possibilities in various sectors. Airtel’s commitment to universal access and affordability makes it a significant player in the advancement of Nigeria’s digital communication landscape.

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