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Kaduna Peace Commission Co-Chair Resigns over El-Rufai’s Comment

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Islamic Dominance: Kaduna Peace Commission Co-Chair Resigns Over El-Rufai’s Comment

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, a member and Co-Chair of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, has decided to resign from his position.

In a resignation letter addressed to the Chairman of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, Dr. Kure expressed his concerns regarding a viral video statement attributed to the former Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. Dr. Kure noted that Governor El-Rufai had not openly denied making the statement. In the video, the Governor expressed gratitude to one religion over another and provided reasons for his government’s discriminatory actions. He also expressed his desire to establish a Muslim-Muslim ticket and enforce religious dominance in Nigeria. Dr. Kure found these statements contradictory to his personal beliefs, the principles of fairness taught by his faith, and the core values of the Peace Commission.

He stated, “Therefore, I hereby resign from both my role as Co-Chair and as a member of this esteemed Committee. It is evident that we were not set up to succeed but rather to serve a diversionary agenda.”

Dr. Kure further speculated that the former governor’s disregard for their recommendations during their numerous meetings may have been influenced by this bias.

He expressed his inability to continue serving on a committee that promotes disharmony and contributes to the fragmentation of their great nation. Dr. Kure highlighted the arbitrary proscription of the Atyap Development Association as an example, suggesting it served as a warning to other associations in Southern Kaduna that they would face a similar fate if they attempted to bring the plight of Southern Kaduna people to the attention of the wider world.

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In his resignation letter, Dr. Kure fervently prayed for healing and restoration within the Southern Kaduna community and appealed to the Federal Government to disregard Governor El-Rufai’s views, emphasizing the importance of maintaining peace and mutual trust among the religious groups in Nigeria.

Dr. Kure expressed gratitude to the peace commission for the opportunity to serve and for allowing him to work closely with the remarkable Muslim leaders who were part of the committee. He reassured them of his commitment to be a bridge of peace between Muslims and Christians in Southern Kaduna and across the nation, offering his availability to serve in any capacity that promotes sincere peace on a suitable and authentic platform in the future.

He commended the leadership of the Peace Commission, including the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and all the Secretariat staff, for their maturity and hard work.

Dr. Kure concluded his letter by expressing hope for the emergence of leaders who would genuinely contribute to the attainment of lasting peace in Nigeria.


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