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‘Take Me Home’ showcases beauty of Yoruba culture — Ooni

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The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi; (Ọjájá II), has hailed the upcoming Afro-Hollywood movie project, ‘Take Me Home,’ for its commendable effort in reconnecting African Americans with their ancestral roots. This initiative aims to promote cultural awareness and preserve identity.

Ambassador Alfred Oladotun Taylor, the Asoju Asa Oodua, initiated the project. The film features Ile-Ife, a city in Osun State, Nigeria, as one of the locations where Americans trace their heritage.

To support the tourism aspect of the project, His Imperial Majesty the Ooni of Ife and Ambassador Alfred Oladotun Taylor welcomed African American tourists to Nigeria. The Ooni stressed the significance of understanding one’s origins, emphasizing the happiness and sense of belonging that it brings.

During their visit to Ile-Ife, the American tourists had the opportunity to explore historical sites such as the iconic Opa Oranmiyan, Moremi, and Osun Groove. The experience left a lasting impression on them.

Dotun Taylor, who led the tourists, highlighted the role of technology in enabling African Americans to trace their roots back to West Africa. They also visited Lagos during their journey. The Ooni of Ife reiterated the importance of identifying one’s origin and root, stating that it fosters joy and a sense of belonging. He emphasized the similarities between African Americans and Nigerians, reassuring them that Nigeria is a safe and welcoming place.

‘Take Me Home’ features a star-studded cast, including Hollywood actors Dave Sheridan, Felissa Rose, Amber Rivette, and Mefi Black. Nigerian Nollywood actors Abdullateef Adedimeji, Bayo Bankole (Boy Alinco), Dotun Taylor, and a cameo appearance by the Ooni of Ife also grace the screen.

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The movie serves as a gateway to the rich and vibrant Yoruba culture, showcasing its beauty and captivating storytelling. By bridging the gap between African Americans and their ancestral home, ‘Take Me Home’ creates an avenue for cultural exploration and celebration.

With its compelling narrative and powerful performances, this Afro-Hollywood masterpiece promises to captivate audiences worldwide while promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Yoruba heritage.

The ‘Take Me Home’ movie serves as a tribute to the resilience and interconnectedness of African people, transcending geographical boundaries and reminding us of the significance of cultural roots. It is an invitation to embrace our heritage and find solace in the knowledge of where we come from.

So, get ready to embark on a remarkable journey as ‘Take Me Home’ transports you to the heart of Yoruba culture, reconnecting African Americans with their ancestral home and fostering a greater sense of identity and pride.

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