Teddy A & Bambam
Teddy A & Bambam

Teddy A Recalls Romantic Proposal to BamBam After Weeks of Quarrels

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Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Teddy A, recently shared the heartfelt story of his romantic proposal to his beloved partner, BamBam. In a candid interview on the Honest Bunch podcast, alongside renowned celebrities like Nedu Wazobia and other anchors, Teddy A opened up about the memorable moment.

Recalling the experience, Teddy A revealed that he and BamBam had been engaged in intense quarrels for almost two weeks, leading to a strained relationship on the brink of ending. Dissatisfied with the way things were progressing, he yearned for closure and a fresh start.

With a deep longing to salvage their bond, Teddy A confided in his brother, pouring out his feelings about BamBam. His brother, understanding the depth of his emotions, advised to take a bold step or risk losing her to someone else, as it was evident that he still held deep affection for her.

Motivated by his brother’s counsel, He devised a plan to surprise BamBam with a heartfelt proposal. He approached BamBam’s manager and requested their assistance in conveying a message to her. The message stated that she had an important meeting scheduled with the Lagos State Governor and the renowned artist Olamide.

Upon receiving this exciting news, BamBam’s spirits were lifted, and she eagerly headed to the designated meeting place, unaware of Teddy A’s secret plan unfolding at her home. Regrettably, she returned home disappointed, having discovered that the meeting was a ruse.

To her astonishment, as she entered her home, she was greeted by the sight of Teddy  on one knee, holding a beautiful wedding ring. In that heartfelt moment, Teddy  sealed their love with a heartfelt proposal, demonstrating his unwavering commitment and desire for a future together.

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Teddy A’s romantic proposal to BamBam serves as a testament to the power of love and the determination to overcome obstacles. It reminds us that even amidst quarrels and challenges, true love finds a way to prevail, creating beautiful memories and strengthening the bond between two souls.

“BamBam and I were fighting for about two weeks before I proposed to her.”

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