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Tinubu’s Lavish Convoy: Exposing the Excesses of Nigeria’s President

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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s extravagant and subsidised convoy has come under scrutiny, revealing the excesses and insensitivity of Nigeria’s government. The sheer number of vehicles, opulence, and abundance on display is a stark contrast to the prevailing poverty and suffering experienced by many Nigerians. It begs the question: What is the purpose of such a show?

Perhaps, the intention was to prove his detractors wrong, to assert his authority as a different kind of President. Tinubu dropped a hint about his presidential ambitions during a speech in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, where he claimed victory over the obstacles in his path. However, it is worth noting that Tinubu himself remains a significant obstacle to his own aspirations, evading questions and shadow boxing when confronted about his intentions.

Even before assuming the presidency, Tinubu’s long convoy became a familiar sight. Upon his return from a medical trip, he made a grand entrance, showcasing the length of his motorcade. But amidst such a display, we are left wondering about the fuel consumption of these vehicles and whether anyone has considered the cost of running such an extravagant government. Are these cars running on renewable energy, or are they guzzling unsubsidised fuel while the common people suffer?

Moreover, the composition of the convoy raises questions about the employment status of the numerous individuals involved. Are they gainfully employed or mere hangers-on? Shouldn’t some of these security personnel be deployed to areas facing real threats? As President, Tinubu has called on Nigerians to make sacrifices, but it appears that his own sacrifices are limited to words rather than actions.

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It is disheartening to realize that Tinubu’s sacrifices are affordable for him alone. He abolished fuel subsidies without providing alternatives, yet he himself enjoys full subsidies as President. His pension as a former Governor is also granted in perpetuity. While his supporters argue that he is wealthy enough to afford such luxuries, the reality is that ordinary Nigerians will bear the burden of paying for his lavish convoy.

As Nigerians struggle to survive amidst economic challenges, Tinubu’s response seems to be a taunting display of power, knowing that his strategies secured his election. The journey ahead promises more sacrifices, with an ever-expanding convoy that symbolizes the struggles we face to survive.

In conclusion, the excessive and wasteful nature of Tinubu’s convoy needs to be acknowledged and addressed. This unprecedented display of wealth at the expense of the people is a slap in the face to Nigerians who suffer under uncaring governments. The time has come for those in power to take action, to prioritize the needs of the people over personal extravagance. Only then can we begin to work towards poverty eradication and a more equitable society.

The recent passing of Jeremiah Okorodudu, a former Nigerian boxer, highlights the negligence of sports authorities in the country. Similar cases abound, begging the question of when those in charge will finally act. These individuals, like Okorodudu, have invested their lives in Nigeria, and it is high time they receive the attention and support they deserve.

It is evident that the price of fuel will continue to rise as long as Nigeria relies on imports and the exchange rate favors the Dollar. The government must address this issue and invest in refining the product domestically.

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Furthermore, it is crucial for the Ministries of Justice to review the cases of detainees in prisons across the country. Many individuals are unjustly incarcerated, and some have been

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